24 Jul 2012

Cheat Ninja Saga Atm Exp + Gold | Instant Mission Update July 2012

Cheat Ninja Saga Atm Exp + Gold | Instant Mission Update July 2012 - after update the cheat Cheat Anniversary Ninja Saga 3rd I will share ninja saga hack Cheat Ninja Saga Atm Exp + Gold | Instant Mission 
how to use cheat :
Tools : Fiddler
1. Play Ninja Saga
2. Open Fiddler
3. Drag File Swf To Fiddler
4. Clear Cache Fiddler
5. Clear Browser Cache
6. Go to Headquarters
7. Clear Signs *
8. Choose the Raise You Want: Level, Exp, Gold, or Mission
9. ATM EXP Run
10. If It's Done, Reload / Refresh Ninja Saga
11. View the Results

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